Rwenzori Regional Corporate Accountability Platform

Rwenzori Regional Corporate Accountability Platform

In the past 5 years the region continues to register increased cases of abuses and violations of economic social and cultural rights by corporate entities. As such community based organisations working with communities in resource rich areas have been working together with other national and regional stakeholders to build capacities and strengthen community efforts around respect for human rights and accessing justice.  Whereas some efforts have yielded positive outcomes, greater efforts are still needed to empower affected communities to self advocate and further strengthen initiatives that target local government structures and business enterprises around better appreciation of the normative content of economic social and cultural rights and the evolving nature of business and human rights.

TLC has been leading engagements with affected communities majorly faced with unfair and irresponsible business conduct of corporations operating in the region. About 50% of TLC’s organizational effort have been directed towards addressing corporate injustices.

Planned RECAP Activities

This years’ RECAP will run from August 17, to 21st 2020 in Fort Portal. The current COVID-19 pandemic situation means some of the planned community engagements will be affected. Abiding by government directives and public measures, the team will work with few participants but broadly utilize media platforms to enhance reach. The RECAP is deliberately designed to engage with communities around the impact of COVID-19 on their social and economic life and how various stakeholders including corporate actors have impacted or affected their human rights situation during the pandemic.

The 2020 RECAP will follow up on past situations as a way of measuring impact of previous engagements. The team shall also assess how the vulnerable and marginalized communities are engaging with relevant stakeholders during the COVID pandemic and how access to social services has been affected by the pandemic.