10th Annual Conference on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Theme: Human Capital Development: The Cost of Education in the Era of National Development Plan III (NDP III)

Hashtag: #ESCRUg23

Save the date: 14th September 2023

Venue: Makerere University


The 10th Annual ESCR Conference will focus on human capital development, particularly the cost of education during the span of the current National Development Plan (III). The proposed format for this year is to have regional meetings in selected sub-regions across the country which will feed into a national-level dialogue. It aims to serve as a platform for stakeholders countrywide to reflect on the cost of education and its broad implications on the realization of the NDP III targets under the sector.

Participant information and structure

Expected outcomes

It is hoped that the Conference will make short- and longer-term recommendations on addressing the issue of the cost of education. Specifically, the conference will contribute to ascertaining the implications of the costs associated with education on ensuring access to education for all, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. This will be achieved through countrywide discussions on the right to education. From another perspective, the Conference will results into evidence-based review of its impact.