7th Annual National Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Theme: Election Promises, Political Accountability and Service Delivery: A Reality Check


Save the date: September 27-28, 2020 3:30PM - 6:30PM

Venue: Live on NTV, Facebook and Twitter


a) To reflect on the relationship between democratic elections and service delivery; b) To encourage a culture of voting based issues and quality of the candidate as opposed to monetary or material incentives; c) To take stock of the 2016 election promises to determine the extent to which these have been realized; and d) To reflect on and craft the service delivery issues that should underline the 2021 election campaigns and promises in the context of the effects of COVID-19;

Participant information and structure

The Conference is targeting up to 1000 participants including political parties and candidates, policy makers, officers from independent statutory bodies, practitioners and activists, private sector, academics, researchers, development partners, community groups, youth groups and members of the general public who will be directly involved in the conference. The wider population in Uganda will benefit indirectly from the outcomes of the conference.

Expected outcomes

The conference is expected to catalyse a culture of issue-based voting and discourage commercialisation of elections, including but not limited to raising awareness about the relationship between elections and service delivery. The Conference will generate a report summarising key debates and discussion, and a Resolution detailing key messages to policy makers resulting from the discussions at the Conference. Most importantly, however, the Conference intends to bring ESCRs into the larger national policy debates and increase knowledge and understanding about ESCRs in Uganda.