8th Annual National Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Theme: Reclaiming Public Services for Inclusive and Sustainable Socio-economic Recovery after Covid 19


Save the date: 15th - 16th September 2021

Venue: Imperial Royale Hotel


a) To deliberate on the effective strategies for attaining inclusive and sustainable socio-economic recovery post COVID-19; b) To highlight the importance of quality and accessible public services as a key strategy for socio-economic recovery; c) To assess the efficacy of the current National Development Plan III in guiding socio-economic recovery; d) To examine the role of the international community – including International Finance Institutions in the recovery process.

Participant information and structure

Expected outcomes

It is hoped that the Conference will make short and long term recommendations on building back better in an inclusive and equitable manner. Specifically, the conference will contribute to ensuring that public services are strengthened, more especially now during recovery from the pandemic. This will be achieved through the discussion of the lessons learnt from COVID-19 and how we can build resilient public service systems. The Conference is expected to act as a platform for networking by different stakeholders working on different public services and ESCRs. The conference will have online platforms (Twitter & Facebook) where the public will be able to participate and give their views during the discussions. It will also be telecast live on a local TV station for at least two hours for each of the two days so as to reach out to a wider population.