Regional Corporate Accountability Platforms

Regional Corporate Accountability Platforms
by ucca_admin

The RECAPS is a regional platform that brings together regional UCCA members and other stakeholders to identify, interrogate and lay strategies on key corporate accountability issues in the region. The main objective is to createa platform for all our partners at the regional level to engage on critical business and human rights issues within the region and to ensure actionable steps towards promoting business and human rights principles and Corporate Accountability in general. The RECAPs specific objectives include the following;

  1. Create a platform for dialogue and discussion of the key corporate accountability issues;
  2. Identify key remedy platforms can be explored to benefit affected communities with special focus on women and children in the resource rich areas;
  3. Sharing of experiences, discuss common challenges and exchange lessons learned around the respect for human rights in the context of business activities;
  4. Establish and consolidate networks and collaborations among the Key stakeholders in the region that are clothed with ensuring the protection, respect and access to remedy to the victims of corporate abuses and violations and
  5. Coming up with key recommendations and action points by the relevant stakeholders for follow up and inform the discussion during the Uganda Corporate Accountability Roundtable